Top 5 Things to Include in Your Boho Wedding


Top 5 Things to Include in Your Boho Wedding

Although preparing for and planning a wedding can be stressful, it is also a joyful experience. Every bride needs to sort out all they need for the day, and that includes a gorgeous dress, an attention-grabbing hairstyle, unique decorations, and beautiful accessories. If you want to inject bohemian flair into your wedding day, then you have lots of options at your disposal.


You need to be patient when planning for your day, but you can still have your dream wedding by incorporating the boho wedding ideas that will be discussed in this article. We have compiled some of the things that you need to include in your boho wedding to retain tradition and connect you to nature. One thing that we love about boho wedding décor is that it has flexible rules and you can execute it without robbing the bank.

What is a Boho Wedding?

Boho is the short form of ‘bohemian.’ It depicts a free-spirited mindset, a person that is connected to nature and follows its rules. When this is applied to a wedding, then we have a wonderfully special vision that is filled with natural elements and personal touches.

Boho weddings are usually held outside and are full of greenery and flowers, with fewer rigid décor elements when compared to other styles of wedding. A boho wedding lounge usually comprises a variety of seating options, such as bamboo chairs, leather Moroccan pouffes, colourful loveseats, and velvet couches. The relaxed style of boho weddings usually creates a relaxed, fun-filled celebration that is full of love and laughter.

Without further ado, here are the five things that you can use when organizing a bohemian wedding.

Tall Dried Pampas Grass



Make the aisle a stunning piece to behold by styling pampas grass along the aisle. This will give your special day a personal and unique feel. Walk down the aisle in a wonderland surrounded by romantic and beautiful natural décor and a series of florals.

Let your florist help you create arrangements of pampas grass (or get one from Bella Lexie) that are a little wild and “undone,” and sit them directly on the ground instead of putting them in vessels. You can also add a few roses to it to add a little refinement to the décor.

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Pampas Grass Bouquet


A couple of pampas grass bouquets can add stunning softness to your special day. For the ultimate in minimalist, boho chic, you can add an entire bouquet that is made of a mass of pampas grass.

You can also have a wedding bouquet that looks like a dream and is incorporated with pampas grass. To achieve this, add pampas grass and sea oats to your bouquet. This will give you an arrangement that has lots of texture and a neutral palette. These ideas will help you create the celebration you crave when you include pampas grass.

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Dried Flower Centerpieces


Pampas grass can be used as an attractive wedding table centerpiece. Amaze your guests with dramatic and simple arrangements of pampas grass on the tables. You can also incorporate florals and accents of copper, neutrals, gold, white, and greenery for a dreamy tablescape.

If you want to create a more muted effect, create a colour palette that comprises pastel hues and a series of natural textures. Pampas grass used together with fresh and dried elements in shades of taupe, beige, and ivory (in transparent glass bottles), will create a fairy tale vibe.

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Palm Leaves



Don’t love floral arches? You can create a modern, statement-making ceremony backdrop for your special day. You can create this décor from oversized palm fronds that have been dried before constructing them together.

This type of décor is perfect for fall brides. A boho wedding adorned with palm leaves can include other materials like autumnal foliage branches, phalaenopsis orchids, cappuccino roses, chocolate cosmos, and lots more.

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Flower Crown


A charming, rustic flower crown is a beautiful alternative to a veil. It is also a perfect bridesmaid accessory that creates a wild boho look. Flower crowns can be rocked at any wedding, irrespective of the style, theme, and season. If you don’t know how to style your hair, then a floral crown can come in handy.

Wrapping Up


We have considered the top 5 things that you can include in your bohemian-themed wedding. These decor ideas, gotten from the pampas grass, will help you create a relaxed and charming atmosphere that you will live to cherish.

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