Dried Pampas Grass Bouquet in a rattan floor vase next to an arch mirror in a boho home aesthetic home

Will My Pampas Grass Shed?

Will My Pampas Grass Shed? 
pompous grass is a simple and effective solution for elevating your home décor
What is stopping you from jumping on the pampas train? They are low maintenance, beautiful, and long-lasting. Oh, and not to mention they add the perfect boho minimalist vibe to any space, small or big. So, what is the hang up? 
One of the most common questions I receive is, “Will my pampas grass shed?.”  The quick and simple answer is, yes. Pampas are a natural product, which means they are bound to shed naturally. But, before you get discouraged and give up on the idea of turning your space into the boho dream you have been envisioning,  it is important to note that this is temporary. Rest assured that your high quality pampas stop their shedding process after they are moved into a vase or the vessel you choose to put them in. There is also a simple solution to put an end to this shedding.  
Delivery man with pampas grass bouquet online order
Picture this. You hear the distinct sound of the delivery man making his way to your front door to drop off your beloved pampas grass. You will eagerly open your pampas grass outside to minimize the shedding indoors. You will want to let your pampas sit for a couple of days. After a few days have passed, you will gently shake your pampas grass out, in order to get rid of excess “fur.”  Then, spray the pampas grass with hairspray to prevent further shedding. I recommend spraying a small amount on one stem, to ensure you like the way it looks before spraying the rest of them. The hairspray will prevent excess shedding, but it does stiffen your pampas grass a little bit. The perk to utilizing hairspray is that it will keep everything in place.  You do not have to spray them with hairspray, know that once you place them in the vase, they will stop shedding.
Dried Pampas Grass bouquet in rattan floor vase in boho home aesthetic home
You are now ready to style your pampas grass in a vase and create your dream aesthetic.  Lastly, arrange your pampas in a vase, cut the stems to the desired length, and ta-da, that’s it! 
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