Using Dried Flowers as a Christmas Package Accent

Using Dried Flowers as a Christmas Package Accent

Dried flower arrangements are lovely accents for Christmas packages; thanks to their rustic quality and attention-grabbing texture. These flowers are maintenance-free; simply put them in your favorite vessel and leave them to adorn your space with their sweet statement. Irrespective of your unique style or color, you will find the pampas grass décor that’s suitable for your aesthetics.

Read on to discover some of the reasons why dried flowers are not just great for Christmas package accents, but also as a means of showing love this season.

Dried flowers last long

Unlike fresh flowers that require lots of attention, dried flowers (such as pampas grass plants) do not require much attention. They can easily live for years when you take care of them properly. This is why they are good for decorating your space and as a Christmas package accent.

Dried flowers require low to no maintenance

Dried flowers require low maintenance. When you receive them, you can put them in a vase and arrange them in the spots where you want them to be in your home. They don’t need any water, soil, or fertilizer. Also, you don’t need to trim them. The only caution you need to take is not to put them in direct sun rays (because sunlight can affect their preservation).

Dried flowers are versatile

Apart from using dried flowers as a Christmas package accent, you can also use them as a dried flower bouquet. You can also make wreaths from them. When pressed and framed, they can be used for a phone case, confetti, or even resin accessories. There’s no end to what you can use dried flowers for as long as you are creative.

They can be easily rearranged

Dried flowers are not fragile. In other words, you can arrange many dried flowers that have been in a particular room for a long period and transfer them to another room. As a result, you will not have to worry about the flowers getting bruised.

If your current dried flower arrangement is boring to you, you can make use of more colors (for instance pampas grass pink or pampas grass blue) to create a new look and style. If you update the interior design of your home after a renovation, you can easily use dried flowers to complement the new design. As a result, you don’t need to discard your dried flowers after some changes.

Wrapping Up

Dried flowers are not just great as Christmas package accents, they also warm the heart of the recipients. Irrespective of the vibe that you want to create this season, dried flowers are the best avenues to accomplish such, especially when you take the reasons discussed above into consideration.

Do you have anyone you want to show some love to this Christmas season? Show them how much you care by getting them a dried flower bouquet from Bella Lexie. We have all types of pampas grass for sale. Get in touch with us to see the dried flower arrangements you can use this time of the year.

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