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The 7 Expert-Approved Home Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Space this New Year: Embrace the New Year with Intention


The 7 Expert-Approved Home Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Space this New Year: Embrace the New Year with Intention



The mood within a room can be profoundly influenced by its interior design.



In a world saturated with resolutions, let's embark on a different journey as we step into the New Year – one defined by intentions. At Bella Lexie, we firmly believe that the cornerstone of a fulfilling life lies in the tranquil sanctuary we call home. In our pursuit of joy and purpose, the foundation begins with cultivating peace and serenity.

Delving into the intricate dance between interior design and our emotional well-being, Chloe Taylor, as highlighted in Psychology Tomorrow magazine, emphasizes the profound connection that has existed for centuries. From the ancient Indian Vastu Shastra to the timeless Chinese Feng Shui, the art of creating emotionally resonant spaces has shaped cultures throughout history. In the contemporary realm, neuroscience is unraveling the mysteries of this connection, demonstrating the remarkable influence of interior design on our emotional states.

As Taylor notes, the ability of design elements to evoke specific emotional responses is nothing short of extraordinary. This revelation beckons us to consciously craft our living spaces, manipulating decorative elements with the explicit goal of fostering creativity, peace, and happiness.

With this wisdom in mind, we present 7 expert-approved tips to guide you in creating a haven of tranquility in the new year. These thoughtful suggestions are not merely decor ideas; they are intentional steps toward achieving and living your aspirations. Let your home be the canvas on which you paint a serene and purposeful life.

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1) Curate Tranquility by Decluttering Your Space

Let go with purpose. The first rule of transformation is shedding the unnecessary. If it's broken, unused, or harbors negative energy, it's time to bid it farewell. Remember, clearing space isn't just about physical objects; it's a mindful act of making room for the aspirations you hold for the new year. Drawing inspiration from the Konmari Method and the transformative philosophy of Marie Kondo, we explore how radical decluttering can lead to homes that exude brightness, cleanliness, and undeniable happiness.

boho neutral white bedroom with pampas grass on floor vase, floor mirror next to it with a beach hat hanging from it, and a plant hanging in the corner

2) Banish Electronics from Your Sanctuary

In the quest for a peaceful haven, we advocate for the embrace of low-level seating, including floor pillows, bean bags, and soft ottomans. Create cozy nooks by incorporating our 48” tall dried pampas grass in a floor vase, effortlessly infusing your space with the tranquile charm. Discover how this stylistic shift can contribute to a relaxed and inviting ambiance.

neutral living room with a brown wooden floor, brown couch, plant on console table and pampas grass on various vases

3) Embrace Neutral Tones and Textures

Uncover the elegant simplicity of neutral hues and textures, with a special focus on the timeless appeal of pampas grass. White pampas grass, in particular, lends an air of effortless sophistication to any room. Explore the versatility of fluffy XL pampas grass and pink pampas to add visual intrigue to empty spaces. Envision a calm atmosphere with a table-top pampas bouquet on your table.

pampas grass plant in vase next to an oil diffuser on a night stand

4) Engage Your Senses with Aromatherapy

Infuse your surroundings with calming scents using soy or toxin-free candles and oil diffusers. As experts in the health and wellness field, we prioritize a toxic-free home environment, and through aromatherapy, we invite you to create an atmosphere that not only looks serene but also feels soothing to your senses.

living room side table next to a brown leather couch with a wooden stick next to a candle on top of a book set next to a pampas grass plant in a table vase.

5) Integrate Nature for Elevated Moods

Scientifically proven, the presence of live plants and flowers enhances concentration, memory retention, and reduces stress. While artificial substitutes may tempt you, we advocate for the authentic touch of nature. Learn how to choose easy-care plants that thrive in different light levels and create pockets of greenery that contribute to both physical and psychological well-being. Add a touch of nature by including a dried plant that is low-maintenance.

pampas grass plant in floor vase next to an arched mirror in living room

6) Elevate Your Space with Calming Decor

Evaluate the colors in your room with a discerning eye for the emotions they evoke. Calming decor doesn't demand wild prints and loud colors; rather, it celebrates greenery, natural elements, and the elegant beauty of pampas grass. Discover the impact of various textures, from feathery brown pampas to dried flower bouquets, in creating a lively and elegant interior that instills calmness.

modern living room with brown couch in living room, and art hanging behind the couch

7) Harness the Mood-Altering Power of Art

Explore the psychology of art as a transformative force in your living space. Whether an original masterpiece, an inexpensive print, or decorative pieces like pottery, ceramics, and sculptures, art plays a pivotal role in shaping an environment that feels welcoming and restorative. Uncover the nuances of art that resonate positively with your personal tastes and experiences, contributing to an uplifting and mood-enhancing atmosphere in your home.

pampas grass near me in floor vase next to a woman sitting on a bench wearing a boho white flowy dress

Wrapping Up

As we embrace the dawn of a new year, let's redefine our spaces with intentions that resonate beyond mere resolutions. At Bella Lexie, we understand that a serene and peaceful home is not just an aesthetic preference but the very foundation of a purposeful life.

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