How to Make a Perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape Using Pampas Grass

Looking for ideas on how you can create an attention-grabbing Thanksgiving tablescape with pampas grass? You’ve come to the right place.
Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that we always look forward to. It signifies that time of the year when we reflect and appreciate. Nothing can be compared to the time we spend with our loved ones.
If you’re the type that hosts Thanksgiving dinner, you understand how stressful the whole process can be. The to-do list is tiring; you will need to plan the menu, thaw the turkey, and clean guest rooms, not to talk of beautifying the dining table by setting up a beautiful

Thanksgiving tablescape using pampas grass.

In this article, I will show you how you can create a perfect Thanksgiving tablescape setting with the help of pampas grass.
But first...

What is Pampas Grass?

Pampas grass is one of the biggest decoration trends at the moment. It features white-toned plumes that give that dreamy, rustic appearance that lights up the Thanksgiving tablescape. This gorgeous grass injects a soft, fluffy feel that introduces the outside into the interior of your home, giving that relaxing vibe you crave.
Here are my best tips on how you can create a beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape using pampas grass:

 Spruce up the holidays with minimalist flair

 You can add minimalist flair to the Thanksgiving tablescape on your dining table by putting a few stalks of pampas grass in a vase. For the Thanksgiving holiday, I recommend enhancing the appearance of the tablescape by using some moody- brown with white, thin pampas grass.

Add lots of natural elements

Neutral Thanksgiving TableScape Idea Using Pampas Grass
Don’t be scared of a bare table in your dining room. Moreover, you won’t have to struggle to get rid of stubborn wine stains from the linens. Combining lots of natural elements (such as eucalyptus, pinecones, bunny tails and white pumpkins) with Pampas grass will go a long way in giving your Thanksgiving tablescape the elegant look you want.

Use neutral colors

Neutral Fall Pampas Grass Decor

Neutrals are not boring provided you use lots of textures. When you incorporate pampas grass, dried flowers, and rattan vessels into your décor, you will have an incredibly elegant monotone Thanksgiving tablescape.

Incorporate autumnal shades

Autumnal thanksgivingscape using pampas grass

For that traditional Thanksgiving tablescape look, ensure you use lots of autumnal colors such as ivory, burnt orange, brown, and moss. You can even boost the classic Farmhouse style by adding shabby chic candelabra and forming an eye-catching Thanksgiving tablescape out of muted flowers, gourds, and pampas grass.

Include a bold tablecloth

You can do something different apart from the white linen. Do something that is not expected by using a tablecloth with black and white buffalo check. When you blend this with natural accents such as wood slices, pinecones, and pampas grass, the fun pattern that you have is elegant enough for the Thanksgiving tablescape.

Wrapping Up

Everyone has one trick or the other that they use to pull off an elegant Thanksgiving tablescape, but not everyone can make it look as good as it ought to be. These ideas will help you create a perfect Thanksgiving tablescape using pampas grass.
A gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape is a centerpiece on its own.
Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Bella Lexie offers all you need to create the look and feel that you want for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Do you have any other ideas on how you can set up a gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape with pampas grass?
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