New Year, New Space: Create Stylish Designer Spaces with These 7 Boho Décor Ideas

New Year, New Space: Create Stylish Designer Spaces with These 7 Boho Décor Ideas

Have you noticed the recent modern boho home decor trend? Are you wondering how you can recreate the look in your own home? This guide contains boho home decor ideas that will help you transform your space.

Although the creativity of minimalist interior design, or beautiful Scandinavian rooms filled with bright colors are something that I love, boho rooms, with boho wall décors, entice me more. I love the cozy atmospheres that these decors produce.


Read on to discover the ideas that you can use to create the boho interiors that you crave.

  • Use Different Textures
  • One thing that is always found in a boho home is texture. You can add texture to your home through the use of baskets, macramé wall hangings, planters made from different materials, upholstery, wood furniture, natural fiber rugs, beautiful Turkish or Persian rugs, and artwork.  One of our favorite boho wall decor items is our dried pampas grass wreath.  It is the natural material that makes for the perfect boho home decor.

    Use different items in the area that you are renovating. Move the items around, play with different shapes until the decoration feels right.

    Maximalism is trending at the moment. Maximalism embodies the idea “more is more,” which is essentially the opposite of minimalism. However, if a maximalist space is not something you like, you can use the boho style to cultivate a more minimalist interior.


  • Use Low-Level Seating
  • The boho style is all about chilling out, kicking back, and relaxing. To achieve this environment, utilize low-level seating options such as floor pillows, bean bag chairs, and soft ottomans. These items invite people to sit and relax. To further achieve the boho style within your space, place our 48” tall dried pampas grass in a floor vase to create a cozy nook.



  • Incorporate Pampas Grass

    The more pampas grass you incorporate into your interior décor, the better. I have not seen one photo of a room with white pampas grass that does not look elegant. Pampas grass gives your home that effortless natural vibe.

    The fluffy XL pampas grass and pink pampas will add a ton of visual interest into those areas of your room that feel empty in your home. You can also use the table top pampas bouquet on your dining table to create a calm boho-style atmosphere.


  • Blend in Different Light Sources
  • From string lights to candles, lanterns, and funky chandeliers, use different light sources to create a unique and relaxing boho-style interior.

    The importance of lighting in any décor cannot be overemphasized. Using different light sources when creating a boho space is even more important. You can blend and match the types of light sources that interest you. However, I found that natural fiber pendants give the most attractive boho looks. 


  • Be Inspired By Nature
  • Another boho décor idea that you can implement is to inject a breath of fresh air into your home by drawing inspiration from nature. Apart from proving that you can use wallpaper in a minimalist setting, nature signifies how you can design a relaxed, fun-filled, formal, and sophisticated room. As stated earlier, the seating must be comfortable and the materials must also be casual and clean. Use our bleached palm leaves  as an easy way to bring nature indoors.

  • Keep the Décor Neutral
  • Modern boho décor does not have to be stuffed with wild prints and loud colors. You can incorporate greenery and natural items. You can also use organic vases and natural stone tables to strike a balance between sophisticated design and bohemian living.

    Pampas grass can also be incorporated here. The use of various textures will help elevate your space. For instance, when you use feathery brown pampas with dried flower bouquet and rattan vessels, you will get a lively and elegant boho interior.

  • Use Patterns Everywhere
  • Just like adding lots of texture, patterns are also important in boho décor. For instance, you can use scarlet and mandarin, violet and gold, or rust and navy. In order not to create a visual overload, ensure you leave space for the eye to rest.

    For instance, if there’s a large colorful rug in your room, keep its base furnishing pared back with a pop of accent color that complements the big color statement that the rug makes.  Add one of our color neutrals or colorful bunny tails into a fun vase for an easy way to enhance your space.



    Some popular boho patterns that you can use include Mexican, Moroccan, Kilim, Persian, and Indian amongst others.

    Wrapping Up

    This article has shown you some unique boho décor ideas that you can use to create a cozy and comfortable space in your home this new year. If you are ready to ‘boho’ your home, then don’t forget to complete the design with white pampas grass

    Bella Lexie is the home of high-quality and elegant white pampas grass that you can use to complete the look of your boho-style home. We will provide you with the pampas grass that you need to create a gorgeous boho look for your home and it will also save you from the hassles of sourcing the grass by yourself.

    Get in touch with us today for a custom-tailored offer that will allow you to enjoy significant savings on the procurement and delivery from qualified suppliers of home décor materials.

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